Andreas Tilp and the bass were meant to be. Initially interested in becoming a drummer, he quickly discovered that he could best use his sense of rhythm playing the bass and thus started out as autodidact. First live experiences should follow quickly: as member of a musical family, he began performing on stage together with his family band and later co-founded the alternative rock band Bonsai Police. Andreas is not only a versatile bass player, whose style comprises heavy, dirty bass lines as well as funky slapping that never misses a beat and perfectly harmonizes with Fabian’s drumming. He is also interested and trained in the technical aspects of music production and collected first recording experiences with Eve and the Serpents. Because of his perfectly executed, vibrant and inventive bass lines, our four-stringer has repeatedly been asked to cooperate with bands live (e.g. together with Witchrider). On stage, he’s what you would find if you looked up the word coolness in the dictionary.