Eva Triebl started out playing the piano, and as part of a musical family had been singing all her life before she first ventured singing on stage. At countless jam sessions, she met inspiring musicians and developed a sense for jointly making music and singing in various styles, and got to perform live with bands like the Poppy Trays and artists like Rob Hirsch. It was Rob who involved her in numerous live gigs in pubs and bars and who initiated her interest in playing guitar and writing songs of her own. Soon after, the early version of Eve and the Serpents was founded together with guitarist Rob Hirsch and drummer and percussionist Rene Steiner, which was intended to bring Eve’s songs to the stage. Ever since, and especially after she had met with the other current serpents, turning the original acoustic project into a rock band, she has developed her own songwriting style, influenced by artist rolemodels like Ani di Franco, Fiona Apple and PJ Harvey, and certainly inspired by bands like Nirvana, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Queens of the Stone Age, the Deftones and many more. Besides Eve and the Serpents – needless to say her core project – she continues to sing and play in bars as part of the live music project The Jampions and at various private events as well as in studio projects (e.g. with Lucille’s Voodoo). On stage, Eve is a whirlwind, and just like her songs expresses anything from shyness to impulsivity and enthusisam or rage-infected craze. ls.