Fabian Schramm is an extremely versatile allround drummer and percussionist who has gained much experience in a wide range of different band projects. While his heart plays funk beats, he started his musical career as part of the metal band Del Loco, with which he played for years after nine years of training in a music school. He additionally completed a year of training in studio percussion. Ever since, he has been involved in many music projects, among them the Funk/Balkan/Reggae band Intyme, a Karaoke Band together with Michael Stark alias Mike Strong, who was also his partner in a Europe-wide street music tour. Being a very active and dedicated musician, he performs together with DJs as live drummer and has taken part in Gypsy-Swing Sessions as cajon percussionist. He is currently playing in the Graz-based funk band Plenty for Twenty and in the street music project FBY (Freak Bike Youngsters), which enriches Europe’s cities with live music performed on a huge bike. In Eve and the Serpents, he contributes to songwriting by coming up with creative and energetic beats which constitue the backbone of the band’s fresh, driving musical style. On stage, he’s a heap of energy – watching him play is just as important as listening to his drums.