Upcoming Gigs

2.-3.8.2019 @ Sunny Days Festival

A selection of our favorite gig memories.

TamTam 2019

Fabl is back!! What a Blast it was!!

Grieskram 2016

That´s what we call a Bloc Party!

TAMTAM 2016.

Acoustic gig in the bar TAMTAM in Graz. Even though it was a weekday and we played an acoustic set, many fans and friends came to see us and the evening turned out wonderful.

Wedding gig 2015

Believe it or not – we’ve also played at a wedding, providing the music for the wonderful wedding party of Amira and Christian in Carinthia. Proves that we look great suited up and that we can cover everything that can(‘t) be covered.

Sunny Days 2015

Can we play at a festival with only two band members present? Yes, indeed. Thanks to Andi (or Candy, as we affectionately call him), substituting for the bass, and Illy, rocking the E-guitar, our gig at this legendary local music festival was a blast.

Hausarock 2015

Omg, for the first time we played at a festival together with reeeeally fabulous and successful other Austrian artists. Clara Luzia headlined the festival, and Yasmo was there, too. The audience was great, and DJ XiCurry made us dance in the rain till the early morning. We loved it and will definitely be back!

JULIA G. Artikel: Happy Birthday Club Wakuum

Club Wakuum 5-year-party 2015

Wow, people voted for us to play at Club Wakuum’s 5 year anniversary party. We played very late at night, made some noise, and loved watching people move their dancing feet. No more memories from that night, but thanks to Julia G., there’s an article about that night.

Verein die Brücke feat. Plenty for Twenty 2015

Our drummer Fabl has a funk band – Plenty for Twenty – and on this occasion, we had the chance to play a concert together at die Brücke, Graz.

FANIA Live: Our first gig in Vienna

EatS wanted to play in the capital and were warmly received by the club FANIA live – awesome people and even better Cuba Libre.

Private pool party 2015

We were invited to play at a fancy summer pool party (privately organized). What could be better than warming up – or cooling down – for a gig in a pool while having cocktails with the hosts. We’ll be back.

BARRISTA’s acoustic gig 2015

Hot town, summer in the city, Eve & the Serpents played at Barrista’s, bringing joy to the audience and looking pretty. That rhymes.

Lendwirbel 2015

What a pleasure to have been part of this city festival. Early in the afternoon, we turned the Mariahilfer Platz into our stage and people passing by into our audience. Sun, music, good vibes.

Club Wakuum, May 2015

This simply was one of our first concerts we really loved. Memories are blurry, but there are pictures ☺.

Local Heroes Band Contest 2014/2015

To let the world know about the existence and grandness of Eve & the Serpents, we took part in a local band contest. We did a good job and made new friends there – as well as one of our first live videos!

Thomawirt, December 2014

Though we initially weren’t sure how much drums Thomawirt’s basement could take, this gig was memorable: many people came to see us, and even the very grown-up restaurant visitors seemed to enjoy a bit of rock. In memoriam: our first band banner.

Rockkeller, October 2014

You just formed a band and spontaneously cancel a flight to play one of the first proper gigs in a crowded bar. This is how we roll. One of the very first videos we have.